Could a Plane Crash be a Positive?

Watching the footage yesterday of the US Airways crash into the Hudson river was simply amazing.  New York is going through a terrible time as of late.  The financial hudson-plane-cp-w6098563markets are a mess, Broadway shows are shutting down left and right, and overall the city seems to be in a dark malaise.  A plane crash you would think would just be one more horrible thing to add to the list, but I take it as the exact opposite.

How you could land a plane filled with 155 people in a river and come away with no serious injuries is nothing short of a miracle.  The response team of the Coast Guard and NYC water taxis was incredible.  The knowledge and skill of the pilot, Mr. Sullenberger, in such a crisis situation is beyond commendable.  I just can’t get enough of reading about this unbelievable event.

I was trying to come up with a better possible place to put a plane down in water on short notice and I’m convinced this was the best place on the globe.  I can’t imagine the response time if that were to happen on the Ohio river here in Cincinnati, it would take well over an hour to evacuate everyone, that is if the plane was still above water.

New York is an exciting, vibrant and tough city.  What took place yesterday is further indication of that.  The Big Apple deserves a pat on the back for yesterday’s heroics, it could have been a horrific tragedy at a time where the city and country as a whole is already reeling.  Instead, I believe it shows our resolve in tough situations, and maybe wishfully thinking, can be a spring board to our recovery.

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